Illinois county declares itself a “sanctuary” for guns after residents “tired of being pushed around” by gun grabbers

There is a decidedly rebellious element to our politics today, and while the American Pravda media and the establishment elites inside the Beltway seek to blame it on conservatives, the reality is the Left is 110 percent responsible.

Because Leftists — intolerant, hateful, extreme — don’t know when to leave well enough alone.

The Democratic Party, which today more resembles a hybrid mix of Marxism, Socialism, and Communism, has been on a tear since it lost more than 1,000 seats nationwide under the most divisive president in history, Barack Obama, as well as the 2016 election by nominating the most uninspiring, hypocritical criminal in the party’s history.

As such, the Lefties running the place have decided to negate President Donald J. Trump’s victory and that of conservatives in any way possible, including, but not limited to:

— Attempting to win back power by threatening to impeach Trump (for nothing);

— Ignoring federal laws 

— Inspiring and utilizing violence as a means of shutting down political opponents

— Passing legislation on the local level to overturn or negate certain amendments contained in the Bill of Rights

The response from Trump supporters and conservatives was predictable, or it should have been to anyone with a serious understanding of American history. As the Left pushed back against “the establishment” in the 1960s, the Right is now pushing back against Left-wing authoritarianism at every level.

In California, for example, Right-leaning counties and cities are rebelling against the state’s insane “sanctuary state” law, which forbids — forbids — local law enforcement officials from fully cooperating with federal immigration officials, even when the suspects involve alien criminals. California’s Democrats have decided that illegal immigrants are more important that Americans and thus have moved to adopt special protections for them at the risk of citizens. (Related: California, Trump administration on collision course as president vows to enforce immigration laws.)

Some are enjoining the Trump Justice Department’s lawsuit against the state’s sanctuary law. Others are voting to launch their own suits against the state. Some are just vowing they will continue cooperating with federal immigration officials in defiance of state authorities — who, in turn, are acting in defiance of the Constitution’s Supremacy Clause.

Meanwhile, a county in Illinois has had enough Democratic efforts there to grab as many guns as possible while banning others. 

As reported by The Washington Times, an “overwhelming majority” of Effingham County board members voted to “flip the script” last week, passing a resolution declaring it a “sanctuary” for gun owners. 

Bryan Kibler, the Effingham County State’s Attorney, along with board member David Campbell, declared that deluge of gun control legislation working their way through the Illinois House and Senate is a clear sign that it was time to “take a stand.”

In an interview with Fox News’ “Fox & Friends,” the two men discussed their Second Amendment resolution that passed by an 8-1 margin.

“We decided it’s time for someone to take a hard stand,” Campbell said. 

Here’s the resolution:

If the Government of the State of Illinois shall infringe upon the inalienable rights granted by the Second Amendment, Effingham County shall become a ‘sanctuary county’ for all firearms.

For the time being, the men said the resolution was “mostly symbolic,” but it was nonetheless adopted to send the state a strong message.

“We thought, ‘How can we really get the point across that this is becoming a major concern to our constituents that our Second Amendment rights and liberties are being slowly stripped away through numerous bill coming through the Illinois General Assembly?’ … Why don’t we just make this a sanctuary county like they would for undocumented immigrants,” Campbell said. “So we did flip the script on it.”

Kibler said he’s seen an “outpouring of support” from neighboring counties, indicating they could be next to adopt such a measure.

There is also this: What’s ‘mostly symbolic’ now could quickly become outright rebellion, as is happening in California on many levels if push comes to shove. 

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J.D. Heyes is also editor-in-chief of The National Sentinel.

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